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California Born and Raised
After spending over 30 years as a Machinist and Machine Shop Manager. Gilbert felt a need to change directions. He decided to start working in the Insurance Industry as he felt that there was a great need to educate and assist others in making Insurance choices. He is a child of immigrant parents who came to America to build a better life for themselves and their children.

Gilbert is a native Californian born and raised in Anaheim in the shadows of Disney Land.

  • 5 Star Rated Professional
  • Family Man and Volunteer
  • Moreno Valley Small Business Owner
Strategic Planning
Plan Comparison
Retirement Planing
Relationship Building
Gilbert Lucero
Gilbert Lucero
Accomplished Insurance Broker, Beloved Husband, Father, and Grandfather.

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We pride ourselves in our Honesty, Trust Worthiness, Communication, and Listening skills.

“We are taking the Covid-19 Pandemic extremely seriously. It is understandable why we must practice social distancing for everyone’s health and well being. With that in mind Lucero Benefits Services is offering online consultation with use of Zoom Cloud Meetings and Face Time. So that we can protect your Health and ours. Contact us if you would like an online consultation. Please practice Social Distancing and keep informed about Covid-19.”

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Member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Moreno valley

Insurance Built Around
your Needs and Requirements

Do you have questions about Part A and Part B coverage? Medicare Advantage versus a Medicare Supplement plan. Or what is a Perscription Drug Plan? We are here to guide you through your Medicare journey. No rush, No stress, and No high-pressure sales. We do what is best for our seniors. We do a complete need analysis to make sure we find the plan that serves and provides you with what you feel is the best plan for you.

Q: I’m turning 65 this year and I am planning to retire. When will I be eligible to enroll into Medicare?

A: Assuming you have met the work-related eligibility requirements (40 yearly quarters ), you may begin enrollment into Medicare 90 days in advance of the month you turn 65.

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