Photo of mature couple illustrates blog: "0What Is Medicare Part D?"

What Is Medicare Part D?

Everyone knows what Medicare is, but not everyone understands its different parts. In this post, we take a look at the different parts of Medicare, with particular emphasis on Medicare Part D. The Parts of Medicare As the old saying goes, first things first. So let’s begin our explanation by laying out the different parts…

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Photo of smiling dentist illustrates blog: "Does Medicare Include Dental Coverage?'

Does Medicare Include Dental Coverage?

One of the most common questions about Medicare is “Does Medicare include dental coverage?” In this post, we describe what Medicare is, what covers, and whether it includes dental coverage.  What Is Medicare? Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people 65 or older, or for younger people with certain illnesses.  There are three…

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Photo of man signing documents illustrates blog: "What Is Whole Life Insurance?"

What Is Whole Life Insurance?

In a previous post, we talked about term life insurance. Today, we take a detailed look at the other main type of life insurance: whole life insurance.  Keep reading to get all the information you need about whole life insurance, from a basic definition to the most important differences compared with term life insurance. What…

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Smiling senior couple illustrates blog: "What is Medicare Advantage?"

What Is Medicare Advantage?

Today we take a closer look at Medicare Advantage, an interesting alternative to original Medicare. Keep reading to learn more about the most important features of Medicare Advantage, plus the difference between this type of plan and original Medicare.  What Is Medicare Advantage? Simply put, Medicare Advantage plans (also called “Part C” or “MA plans”)…

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Photo of couple illustrates blog: "What Is Term Life Insurance?"

What Is Term Life Insurance?

As you shop for life insurance you may come across term life insurance policies. Keep reading to learn more about term life insurance and decide if it makes sense for you. What Is Term Life Insurance? As the name suggests, term life insurance offers coverage for a limited period of time only. This is the…

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Photo of couple illustrates blog: "What is universal indexed life insurance?"

What Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance?

Today we take a closer look at Indexed Universal Life Insurance. If you are looking for life insurance that offers the potential for high growth, then Indexed Universal Life Insurance may be a good fit for you. Keep reading to discover more.  What Is Indexed Universal Life Insurance? Indexed Universal Life Insurance (or IUL) is…

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What Employee Benefits Should Your Company Offer?

What Employee Benefits Should Your Company Offer?

Creating an attractive employee benefits package is essential to boost employee satisfaction and increase retention levels. In this post, you will find some employee benefits your company should offer to stay competitive. Health Insurance Including healthcare insurance in your employee benefits package is one of the most effective ways to attract and retain top talent.…

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Photo of smiling woman pointing at her mouth illustrates blog: "4 Reasons Why Employers Should Offer a Dental Plan"

4 Reasons Why Employers Should Offer a Dental Plan

Dental plans are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reasons. But what are their benefits exactly, and why should employers consider offering them? Keep reading to discover the answers.  A More Efficient Workplace Needless to say, oral health impacts the overall health of your employees. Simply put, if an employee isn’t feeling well, they won’t…

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Photo of different types of employees illustrates blog: "6 Essential Terms to Understand Life Insurance"

6 Essential Terms to Understand Life Insurance

Offering life insurance as an employee benefit is a smart strategy to protect your workforce and attract great talent. Here are six essential terms to understand this type of insurance. Cash Value A savings component of certain types of life insurance (such as whole life insurance). When you purchase a cash value insurance policy, a…

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